Songs & Chants

Although Chattanooga’s Innovation District doesn’t include Finley Stadium geographically, that’s not going to discourage us from making new tech!

To address the challenge of easily sharing song lyrics across a rapidly growing and widespread supporters group, the Chattahooligans have created a cross-platform mobile app which contains the entirety of the living, breathing, “Hooligan Hymnal.” By propagating this digitally, the knowledge base of the supporters group not only is freely available to the majority of fans from every background, but it also becomes a dynamic and easily accessible representation of the songs that bolster and support our team in real-time. And, by allowing capos the ability to push notifications and change chants on the fly, the Chattahooligan app not only serves as a tool by which our supporters group can unite, it serves as an information hub by which fans, local and across the globe, can join together in unison to support the club we love… everywhere.

Search for “Chattahooligan Hymnal” on your phone’s app market, or use the links below.

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Looking for something a bit more tactile? We offer a printable songbook as well.